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StatFeedr was engineered to transmit sports statistics but quickly evolved into a communications platform for everyone from recording artists and companies to political campaigns and causes. StatFeedr empowers individuals and organizations to communicate to their audience through the merchandise that they sell. Social media and apps are “noisy” with tons of traffic and ads. StatFeedr merch creates a “quiet” link between you and your audience. The possibilities are endless. Click here to learn more about StatFeedr.


StatFeedr tech was envisioned and engineered by 12D to better connect fans to the sports, athletes, and artists that they love. 12D is the tech company that powers StatFeedr. Our goal is to partner with companies who produce merchandise and help them bring new digital merchandise to consumers. Our technology can be integrated into almost any product to make it interactive.

To show the flexibility and capability of StatFeedr, we decided to create only one product, The Smart Puck.

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The Smart Puck is a real NHL hockey puck that has been converted into hockey merchandise powered by StatFeedr. A hockey puck is a solid chunk of very hard rubber. It represented the greatest challenge for installing hardware, which is why we chose it. Well, that and we’re also huge hockey fans. The Smart Puck can track customizable statistics for any NHL team or individual player. The same technology can be applied to thousands of other products. Click here to see a full rotation of the Smart Puck.