StatFeedr™ is a patent pending technology developed and tested by 12D. It enables the transmission of sports statistics, customized messaging, and imaging in near real time to any type of merchandise. The StatFeedr™ platform can be customized and incorporated into almost any product. The possibilities are endless.

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StatFeedr was engineered for both sports and entertainment. The sports platform displays customizable team, player, and league statistics. Any sports league, professional, collegiate, or youth, that maintains a database for team or player statistics can be tracked by StatFeedr. The entertainment platform displays messages and images, much like text messaging except in the merchandise and not on a phone.

StatFeedr sports merchandise is an innovative and exciting way for fans to engage with their favorite team and players. It is not engineered as a platform to deliver up to the second stats for hardcore fans. There are apps for that. StatFeedr is for merchandise.

On the entertainment side, StatFeedr can also be used to deliver customized messages to fan bases and supporters. Yes, there are other platforms and apps that do that and do it better. But they all suffer from the same problem, something we refer to as “noise”. You can reach fans and supporters via social media platforms but so can everyone else. Most people follow hundreds of their favorite stars, celebrities, and athletes on social media and all of them are trying to reach their followers on the same device. StatFeedr merch creates a quiet link between the sender and the owners of the merchandise. Plus, there can be great financial benefits to the artists and organizations that sell StatFeedr merchandise.

For example, one million followers on social media gets you nothing up front. Of course there are ways to monetize your following but consider the StatFeedr alternative. One million pieces of Statfeedr merch sold with a $10 profit margin is 10 million dollars in profit and you can still communicate directly with your followers. Social media is free to the user while merchandise is not. StatFeedr products are not a replacement for social media sites but can be a revenue and profit generating compliment to them.

Static merchandise is the same for every fan. There is nothing unique about it other than it might have your team name or logo on it. StatFeedr™ technology gives fans the ability to fully customize each piece of merchandise with their personal preferences. This creates an experience that is unique to every single fan. Nothing else on the market is capable of doing that.

The merchandise industry is still focused on building static products that never change. in most cases, you buy something cool and then watch it collect dust. StatFeedr technology transforms static merchandise into something much cooler while creating new and engaging ways for fans to follow their favorite teams, individuals, and organizations and show their support.

StatFeedr merchandise will generate revenue and profit for any business or entity that sells it. More importantly, the audience engagement created via merchandise communication is invaluable for promoting new and existing products. Join 12D and help us fuel the merchandise revolution.

A quick note about the video… StatFeedr products only need to be plugged into a device for the initial setup. After that they can be placed anywhere within wifi range and the battery will last for months. To charge the battery, simply plug it back into a device and the battery will fully charge within a few hours. Of course if you want, the product can be plugged into an outlet for permanent display.

Early version StatFeedr circuit board

Early version StatFeedr circuit board

  • Supports 802.11 b/g/n on WPA and WPA2 networks

  • Powered by a lithium battery that lasts several months on a single charge

  • Epaper display for easy viewing from any angle in any light condition

  • Charges via USB port from phone, computer, tablet, or outlet adaptor

The possibilities are endless but here are a few examples of StatFeedr merchandise applications:

  • Replica sports equipment, display holders, bobbleheads, etc. that track player and team stats

  • Picture frames that track lifetime stats of favorite players, even youth and college players

  • Movie merchandise that updates fans on their favorite movie franchises

  • Political campaign merchandise, campaign buttons that encourage people to vote

  • Merchandise for music labels and their artists that delivers info on concerts and new music

  • Hotel, vacation, and destination merch that encourages people to visit in the future

So now that you have a general idea of what StatFeedr technology is, we would love to hear from you. Click here and please send us your comments.