12D Sports Launches The Smart Puck

For Immediate Release

12D Sports Inc. Lehi, UT March 4, 2019

Hockey Fans Rejoice, The Smart Puck Launches on Kickstarter

The Smart Puck with StatFeedr Technology launched today on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Starting at $70 for initial backers, The Smart Puck is the first and only piece of hockey merchandise that automatically tracks and displays NHL™ team statistics. The Smart Puck is a regulation hockey puck with a digital display built in that automatically updates your team's stats after each game. It displays your team's win/loss record, points, division rank, win/loss streak, the result of their last game, and the date, time, and opponent for their next game. The upcoming game time is even adjusted to the owner's local time zone.


The Smart Puck is the future of sports merchandise. Powered by the patent-pending StatFeedr™ technology, The Smart Puck is capable of delivering stats in near real-time. It is battery powered and will last half a season on a single charge. Set up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes

Kevin Sidwar, creator of The Smart Puck, explains: “Our vision for The Smart Puck is to create an entirely new way for passionate hockey fans to engage with their favorite teams and players. The Smart Puck was born out of my lifelong love for hockey combined with my technical background and experience writing software and building hardware projects. Once you see it and actually hold it, I know you’ll agree that it’s an extremely cool piece of merch.”

The Smart Puck is currently available in two styles; a blank puck or an officially licensed team puck. “You can’t go wrong either way. The blank pucks are great for customizing or getting player autographs. The officially licensed team puck is an NHL game puck like the ones used on the ice except ours has an automatically updating stat display in it.” explains Kevin.

Smart Puck Specs:

  • Capable of tracking any of the existing 31 teams in the league. Will support expansion teams automatically.

  • Updates with team stats after the conclusion of each game

  • Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Setup process is supported on OSX, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

  • StatFeedr™ Technology is pre-configured so The Smart Puck will start receiving stats as soon as it is set up. This means all you have to do is get it connected to Wi-Fi using the online instructions. No other configuration is required.

  • Wi-Fi Support: WPA and WPA2 networks. FCC, CE, and IC certified.

  • Epaper display is easy to read in any light condition and has an ultra wide viewing angle.  

  • Internal lithium battery provides half season battery life.  

  • Includes 12” (305mm) USB cable for charging and setup

  • Dimensions: 3” diameter x 1” thick (76mm x 25mm).

  • Weight: 4.8 ounces (136 g)   

You can back The Smart Puck on the Kickstarter page now; starting at $70 for Early Bird backers.


About 12D Sports Inc.:

12D Sports Inc. is a tech startup based in Utah. Founders Brian Sidwar and Kevin Sidwar lead the company. Brian is an entrepreneur and business owner with a background in business start up. Kevin is an electrical engineer with over 15 years experience as a software developer with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. They joined forces with a vision of changing the sports merchandise industry forever. The Smart Puck is just the beginning. Their goal is to introduce their StatFeedr technology into every form of merchandise available and help fans of all sports take their love of the game to a new level.