12D Sports & Entertainment Technology

12D Sports Inc. was founded and incorporated in 2019 after more than one year of extensive product development and testing. Our patent-pending StatFeedr™ technology, which is the core of our business, combines hardware and software innovations to display statistics and customized messaging in sports and entertainment merchandise. StatFeedr™ technology can be installed in almost any type of merchandise, collectible, or product. It is not designed to be a primary source for gathering statistics but instead allows fans a more engaging and interactive way to show support for their favorite teams and players. On the entertainment side it creates a private space between artists and their fans free from all the “noise” associated with social media. Our goal is to revolutionize the merchandise market for the digital future and better connect fans to the sports and entertainment they love.

Our Story

12D was founded by two brothers, one with a background in business, the other a brilliant computer engineer. Both are passionate life-long fans of the Washington Capitals ice hockey club. The idea for this company and StatFeedr came from a bobblehead promotion at a Caps game. The team was running a promotion and giving away bobbleheads to a select number of fans in attendance that night. The bobblehead had a gimmick that immediately caught our attention. It was advertised that the bobblehead would track the player’s goals. Awesome, right? But, after receiving one, we quickly discovered that it was nothing more than a standard bobblehead with a manual counter at the bottom that you turn with your fingers. It was a big disappointment but it really got us thinking, what if we could make a product that actually tracked a player’s stats in real time? There’s already tons of sites and apps that track stats and player performance. That area is saturated with tech. The merchandise market on the other hand hasn’t changed much in decades and is primed for innovation. So from a simple bobblehead promotion, StatFeedr Technology was born. Click here to learn more about StatFeedr™.